Aims and Objectives

To teach ethics for character formation and all round personality development.

To diffuse social, moral, spiritual and secular knowledge without any distinction of colour, caste, creed and religion, in such a way as to make them become well qualified, reliable and good citizens ready to serve their country, accepting and respecting differences.

To inculcate eco-consciousness and national integration and peaceful coexistence among students.

To develop correct habit of thinking by means of personal experience, learning by doing, observation and judgement.

To develop an appreciation for manual labour encouraged and directed through community oriented projects.

To take a stand in favour of human rights, empowerment of women, and protection of environment.

To develop an appreciation for the rich cultural heritage of our country.

To develop an enlightened mind that would strive for excellence in every sphere with stress on personal development and co-operation rather than on over riding others. Above all to form a character with strong and clear principle by which they will think and act according to what is right and just.