No one, who is absent on the previous day from school, or is late for the first period, will be admitted to class without the permission of the Principal. Absence must be explained in a leave letter addressed to the Principal by the Parent/Guardian. It should also be notified in the diary in the appropriate place and signed by the parent or guardian.

Repeated absence without leave, or unexplained absence of more than 10 days, render the student’s name to be struck off the rolls. No leave of absence is granted except on previously written applications from parents/guardians and that too for very serious reasons. For leave of absence for more than Three days due to illness, a letter of application along with the medical certificate must also be sent. Absence without leave sanction inevitably invites disciplinary action at the discretion of the Principal.

All are expected to attend school on the re-opening day after each vacation period. Absence without previous leave sanction (mere information over the phone will not suffice) renders the student’s name to be struck off the rolls.

If a student absents himself/ herself for more than twenty five days in a year he / she won’t be eligible for promotion. It is compulsory to attend school on National Celebrations like Aug. 15 & Jan. 26

Half day leave will be sanctioned only for health reasons.