From the Principal’s Desk

Dear Teachers, Parents and Students



It is said that “when you educate one person you can change a life, when you educate many you can change the whole world”.


The role of Education is to bring about Transformation in one’s life and society. Imparting education and moulding young students for future is one of the important aspect of FSMA Institute. For past many years St. Mary’s has been striving to provide holistic education, to bring about academic excellence and training the students for all round development of personality.


The only platform which holds power to defeat all the barriers of life is “EDUCATION”. Through this powerful weapon of Education we can improve our lives and bring positive meaning to our existence. The ultimate aim of education is to make each one a responsible and socialized person.


Throughout the Covid-19 Pandemic all of us had to face lot of challenges yet we never gave up and kept on moving forward with hope. The teaching learning process has been continued through online mode in spite of difficulties encountered by all of us. We have been waiting with patience for school to re-open for all classes. Let us hope and continue to pray that our world is freed from Corona Virus and our students return to the school and have joyful and peaceful learning atmosphere. 


May God Bless Us!


Sr. Kiran Jojo